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CRT: Ignorance is Bliss?

"Ignorance is bliss." How often people plead ignorance when they're made unaware of an unpleasant fact or situation that, therefore, did not trouble them. Or try this one on for size: "What I don't know can't hurt me."

Remaining ignorant or uniformed allows a person to not have to worry about or feel responsible for something. Ignorance is a cop-out to avoid becoming involved in matters they prefer letting someone else resolve.

But what about ignorance? Is it all that innocent? A generation or two ago parents heaved a sigh of relief when their high school graduates headed for college. Dad shelled out hefty tuition and room and board payments while the kids lived it up at the university. Moms and Dads rarely asked their students about their courses and what they were learning. After all, their kids were of age.

Yet, they wondered why their young adults dumped church attendance for beach booze parties or refused to listen when Mom and Dad tried to discuss a conservative opinion about a local community concern. Was ignorance bliss at times like that?

Finally, parents have wakened to find that teachers educated in their own kids' generation or before have been inculcating the minds of elementary, middle and high school students with Critical Race Theory (CRT) right under their noses--and they never suspected!

CRT didn't just raise its ugly head in 2021. It's been permeating college and university curricula under the radar for 40 years. Now those grads as professors, teachers, administrators or school board members are poisoning the minds of the up and coming generations. The parents' mistake was to trust the schools with the minds of their children without questioning the content of their lessons. Spell that IGNORANCE---willing ignorance!

People choose to be ignorant. Listen to what God said through Hosea, the Old Testament prophet: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" (4:6). Most persons who quote the verse stop there, thus illustrating their ignorance about the context of the verse. Instead, they feel sorry for folks who suffer as a result of not knowing something.

Well, Hosea didn't stop there. He went on to quote God: "Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children."

God's people in Hosea's day weren't in danger because no one warned them about incipient danger. They were in danger because they didn't want to know what God said would protect them and their offspring. Their ignorance was deliberate and intentional.

Why would anyone not want to know what to do to be safe or protected? Perhaps we need to look at ourselves and then ask that question! Either people know the truth and ignore it or they reject the idea of learning the truth about something vital.

We in America have a spiritual heritage like no other nation on earth ever had! Our forefathers established a new nation founded on religious liberty; we were free to worship God as we chose, not according to a prescribed national church. America in her prime sent missionaries across the world to declare the Good News of Jesus Christ: His atoning death on the cross, His miraculous resurrection from the dead, and His being seated at God's right hand to intercede with God on our behalf. What a heritage we had!

Since World War II we have witnessed a steady decline in our national moral and spiritual fiber. Liberal theologians declared that God was dead, that the Bible is filled with error and is a myth. The drug scene spawned a generation of hippies who threw caution and God's word to the wind and indulged themselves in free love and rejection of much of what we used to call morality. Madalyn Murray O'Hair rose up in an atheistic rampage and succeeded in having the Bible and prayer removed from school classrooms. It seems the Church did little back then to fight that horrendous slap in God's face!

Most tragic of all, as the nation declined, so did the Church...or was it the other way around? Jesus said what would happen as a result. Read Luke 21, Matthew 25-25, and study His parables to understand that the Church would 'fall asleep' --and it has! While the decline of the world has occurred, most of the Body of Christ has been oblivious to it.

Oh, physically the Church still assembles every day or week to sing hymns or choruses, pray, and listen to a message or homily from their minister or priest. Yet, the Church has lost her power and motivation to serve God. She is no longer concerned about being holy and pure. She is not interested in knowing what lies ahead according to the Bible's prophecies.

Some say, "But I don't study prophecy. It's too speculative!" With one third of Bible verses being devoted to future events and how to discern their significance as they unfold before us, it sounds like once again the Church is choosing ignorance. This time, though, it isn't about what kids are learning in schools. It's all about reading the signs of the times and being prepared for what is on its way.

Hearken back to Luke 21, Matthew 24, the book of Revelation and other passages scattered throughout the Old and New Testaments. Our globe is fast-heading toward enshrining a one-world government--exactly what globalists and the Left pursue right now, CRT being one vehicle to bring it about. And rising from that totalitarianism will ascend a solitary man so commanding, so powerful, so winsome that the majority of people on earth will pledge their allegiance to him. They will be so deceived that they will opt to forfeit their right to go to heaven by joining ranks with the man the Bible calls the antichrist. And, their loss will be due to their IGNORANCE!

Remember that Hosea said: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...because they have refused knowledge.." It isn't because the information is not available. Rather, it is because people refuse to listen, to read, to study, to humble themselves before God. Just as Hosea said, "My people are destroyed..."

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