Submission and Obedience

II CHRONICLES 7:14: Is It Too Late?

In II Chronicles 7:14 God outlined the necessary steps His people must take to return to Him and to save their nation.

First, God claimed His people as His own: "If My people, who are called by My name..."

Second, He began the steps His people must take to come back to His fellowship and blessing:

  1. Humble themselves,
  2. Pray
  3. Seek My face
  4. Turn from their wicked ways


  1. I will hear from Heaven
  2. I will forgive their sins
  3. I will heal their land.

Notice who would heal the land: God!

He originated America centuries ago, and He is the Only One who can restore it!

Correctly, pastors across our land ought to be warning their flocks to humble themselves, pray, seek God's face, and repent from their idolatry. Unfortunately, in many instances, that is not happening. Many pastors do not see the need that is so obvious or they do not wish to make their congregants uncomfortable. Instead, they continue to preach consoling messages that make their people 'feel good' while they are conformed to the world as they perpetuate their sins, however 'normal' they seem to be!

So, someone ought to be warning us! But who would that be?

Americans today look to politicians to save our nation. Some politicians are very left-wing and communistic. Others are right-wing and conservative, alarmed at the trends they observe in our nation's deterioration. As we approach another election, both sides see it as the way to continue their respective agendas. But neither side has adopted God's agenda to the detriment of our nation's existence! That is what is so strange!

Conservative politicians, many of them claiming to be born-again Christians, could be the ones calling us to God's prescribed steps for America to come back to God. They themselves could demonstrate the urgency for genuine repentance and humbling before God for mercy in their own lives and in the messages they deliver to voters. Instead, they list all the ways they will change legislation to protect the unborn, assure election integrity, establish religious rights in America, curb gambling, protect gun rights and so on. They claim to be able to do what God alone said He will do IF America repents!

Essentially, politicians put the cart before the horse---and anyone knows that isn't horse sense!

Perhaps America has passed the point of no return. That means that she has gone beyond her ability to repent as a nation. Should that be the case, all that lies ahead for her is judgment and ruin. Only God knows whether that has happened. So, we must continue to proclaim God's blueprint for salvation for individuals and for our nation.

We must humble ourselves before Him, pray and cry out to Him for mercy, seek His face that long ago we turned from, and forsake the idols we worship in our plenty and prosperity. We must put God first in our lives again! And mean it! Then, and only then, will God heal our land.

Hats off to those patriots who declare God's truth about abortion and the many other ills of our land! Their messages must be accompanied by a call for repentance. Above all, we have sinned against God. Without a true change of heart through Jesus' transforming power, America is on a downward spiral from which she won't recover. We are at the midnight hour! Make sure you are at the place you need to be spiritually, and then continue to warn others! We must bring souls to Jesus while there is time! Hurry!

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