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Last Day Visions

I wrote the following to a friend who questioned the time in which we are living (COVID-19 quarantine) and why I prayed as I did:

I'm certain there has been a drawing closer to God among Christians during the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic isn't even over yet, but worse is on our doorstep. That's where I'm coming from.

Six or more years ago, while in the produce aisle of a grocery store, I had an open vision. I am not given to visions and have had very few, yet very poignant visions that I can never get away from, and this one is just that.

I saw absolute anarchy in our nation: A blown-out strip mall, the stores blackened and windows all gone, interior gutted, looting happening and a guy with an assault rifle daring anyone to come closer. It wasn't just an isolated incident. It was the collapse of America. I was certain of that.

I haven't kept that vision a secret, but, of course, I have had no idea when it will happen. I just know it will...unless the Body reverses it through obedience to God.

A few weeks or months later, I had a second open vision. I was standing in our kitchen. We had absolutely NO food! Suddenly on a chair near the door appeared a paper bag full of groceries---and no one had come to the door with a delivery. It was a miraculous provision from God. So, famine is coming, also.

So that's why I'm concerned. I have not heard from national religious leaders calling the Church to repentance. God says if we repent (II Chronicles 7:14) He will heal our nation. Judgment begins at the Church. If she doesn't change, the world won't...and that's not happening. At least, it's not apparent yet. Israel mixed idolatry with God-worship, and God rejected it. The First Commandment says HE is God and the Second one says He won't share that position with any other god.

It's not pleasant or desirable to think of destruction and hardship. NO ONE wants that. But the reality is that obedience to what God has told us is the only way to reversing things. I don't know what is going to happen about the current rioting. Rioting is not of God. It is devisive, destructive, and diabolical.

Jesus is coming for a pure Bride clothed in white garments. He will refine her, whatever it takes. It may require having all our props and comforts knocked from under us before the Church realizes where her hope rests and turns to God alone. It's a matter of our love. That's what He said to Ephesus and Laodicea.

I've known since I was a young girl I was going to suffer when I am an old woman. When you're young, 'old' looks a lot younger (age 60, perhaps?) than it does to me now, but at various junctures during adulthood I've prepared for worse times by having extra food and supplies on hand (COVID did not catch me completely off guard!). I also prepared by memorizing the verses of many good old hymns, so I can sing them in prison to be encouraged and sustained in the Lord.

As many as 30 years ago the Holy Spirit 'rhema-ed' Luke 12:11-12, "When they bring you before the synagogues and the rulers and the authorities, do not worry about how or what you are to speak in your defense, or what you are to say; for the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say."

So, from that I've known also that I'll probably be arrested for my faith, but I don't need to worry about what I'll say when I have a hearing or trial.

Knowing that, for most of my adult life I was concerned that I wouldn't stay true to God under pressure and suffering. I feared I would be all alone. Not too long before I moved to this current location, I was in our kitchen when suddenly God came. Don't ask me how it could happen but simultaneously I was with Him in the cell of every person across the globe who was suffering as a prisoner for his faith...God was with each one! What a comfort and revelation that was and is!

In the next instant He took me to Sudan, where a Christian woman was trying to prepare a meal over an open fire. She had no hands, because her Muslim persecutors had cut them off. God had me intercede for her. What great love He had for her in her plight! I can still see her clearly in my mind's eye! Then, I was back in our kitchen!

Soon after He baptized me in the Holy Spirit at age 62, God also told me I will be taken alive in the Rapture. Put all these instances together and because I'm now pushing 83, at best there aren't too many years left..or maybe even months. I don't know.

Perhaps I've told you this, but maybe not. When I retired, God told me not to have health insurance--no doctor--no medicine. So, I said I'd take supplements to stay healthy. He said, "No, I want to take care of you." Thus, for 20 years I have not seen a doctor, take no medicine and am in good health. A few weeks ago during COVID quarantine I was thinking about the ramifications of COVID, and He said again, "I want to take care of you." And He is!

I overlooked telling you about when the Holy Spirit took me to hell. I had not been baptized in Him very long when I was praying one day. I heard myself saying, "I trust You, Holy Spirit" as I sank down farther and farther down. I had no fear.

There I was in a grey stone cell, seated on a grey stone bench. Ahead of me was a rectangular opening in the grey stone wall. Outside it was also grey. Everything I saw was not the color 'grey,' but rather 'void-of-color' grey--deathly grey!

I realized I was in hell. As I sat there, I felt a shift to the right. I had not moved at all nor changed my position, so wondered what the movement meant. Then I knew: something IN ME had shifted. I was not the same person I had been on earth. I was changed. The image of God that was an integral part of me from the moment of conception was gone--removed! He was gone! I was not 'myself.' I was different!

Never again would that voice of God called conscience speak to me about right and wrong. No more would I hear that voice and choose to ignore or postpone doing what it said I should do or act against it. I could never play fast and loose with the Holy Spirit again. I would never feel His tug urging me to seek God and give my heart and life to Him. I was alone--fearfully and utterly alone forever! I would never hear God's voice again! For all eternity!

The awfulness of not having ANY contact with God ever again struck me..and that it was forever! It was the most awful separation imaginable. And I had no recourse! It was too late! I had sealed my own fate. It was HELL!!!

Then I rose upward and was kneeling in prayer once more. But while I was in hell, it was very real. God let me experience what it is like to be lost forever with no more opportunities to give my heart and life to Him.

That experience is etched indelibly on my mind. It urges me to get the truth of God to everyone I can. Hell is awful! When people choose not to submit to God, they know not what they do. And when they do realize it, it will be too late! That is hell, even without the fire and heat, thirst and suffering that are part of Hell's completeness.

Jesus warned His hearers to "flee from the wrath to come." Hell is a part of that wrath with the eternal lake of fire to follow. Reader, whatever short gains you make in this life are not worth the suffering you will endure in hell forever and ever with no let up and no hope! Consider your ways and submit to God, repent of your sins against Him and implore Him for mercy.

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