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On March 5, 2000 following an act of major obedience to the Holy Spirit, I felt as though I was immersed in a cloud of glory. My prayer life was completely transformed, a hunger and LOVE for the Bible became insatiable, and He gave me great boldness in witnessing. That day God began to set me free to live in complete submission and obedience to His Holy Spirit.

Over the next several months my hunger for more of the Holy Spirit grew and grew. However, God revealed a glass wall that stood between me and the Life just beyond the words of His Word. No matter how I tried to penetrate, go around or over that glass wall, I was shut out. Yet, I could see the world on the other side and longed to go there. I became so desperate for more of God I finally cried, "I'm willing even to speak in tongues if that's what it takes!!"

Let me explain what had brought me to that place. I appreciate my heritage of being taught the truths about God and His provision for salvation through Jesus Christ. It began with my early memories of attending Catholic masses with my mother. From there I went to Lutheran Sunday Schools and was born again in the Baptist church when a young teen. As a young adult I became Nazarene, where I was sanctified wholly (the act of being cleansed from the carnal or sin nature by the Holy Spirit). To the best of my knowledge I lived in obedience to the Holy Spirit.

From childhood to becoming an adult I received progressive revelation of who God is and longed always to know Him more. However, I was finally told that to seek a "third blessing" could open my heart to the devil and fanaticism!! So, whenever the Holy Spirit aroused my hunger for more of Himself, I resisted the desire and grieved Him. Miserable, I contritely prayed for forgiveness, only to repeat the same action again and again each time the hunger returned. Therefore, seeking a blessing that would manifest by my speaking in tongues is the last thing I would have sought to do.

The night I was willing even to speak in tongues, I meant it--I was totally hungry for more of God no matter what it cost. The next day I read a statement by C.Peter Wagner, which said, " 'paradigm shift' from traditional Christianity to an openness to the person and to the full ministry of the Holy Spirit." Instantly, electricity struck the crown of my head and penetrated to the soles of my feet--and the electricity remained!!

What I didn't realize immediately is that He had shattered the glass wall, thus opening to me the supernatural world of God in all His fullness. It was the baptism of fire John said Jesus would give us in Matthew 3:11, "...He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire". Immersion in the Holy Spirit and His fiery baptism opened a relationship of true intimacy with God that burns on and ever increases.

Before that cataclysmic experience, I lived in several rooms of a building, believing I occupied all that existed. When the Holy Spirit shattered the glass wall, He began taking me from room to room of what really is a huge castle, and we haven't begun to fathom it's expanse!!! Only recently He showed me I had built the glass wall brick by brick each time I would not seek more of Him when He gave me that hunger. Clinging to denominational interpretations and traditions had blocked the free and full working of the Holy Spirit in my life.

One more thing: I don't speak in tongues. The morning after He shattered the glass wall, the Holy Spirit took me to I Corinthians 12 & 14, and said He did not gift me with tongues, though they ARE one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Some day He may change His directive, and I shall pray and speak in tongues, also. Regardless, He has set me free to be completely submissive and obedient to God in everything, leading to greater and greater knowing of Himself and increasing my desire to declare His salvation through Jesus to others! To Him belong all the praise and all the glory! "If therefore the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed."

Scripture quotations taken from the NASB