Submission and Obedience

Challenge to Satan

When God created all that is heaven and His glory, you were His highest creation. He called you Lucifer. You were beautiful and filled with music. Earth was your domain. You had lesser angels who did your bidding. You were glorious.

Loving feasts as He does, did God not host a banquet to celebrate His handiwork and its display of His omniscience and omnipotence? Did He invite all the host of heaven to attend? Were you rivaling His attention when you entertained your followers at a similar feast on the earth you ruled--though it still belonged to the King?

Just as Queen Vashti entertained her entourage of followers and reveled in their admiration and fawning, did you fall captive to your worshippers, too? Is that why you refused to appear before God in subservience, so He could show you off as the highest beauty of His creation? How could you prefer the acclamation of angels to the presence and purity of God's face?

Even as Ahasuerus' courtiers said Vashti had to be dealt with so her corrupt attitude and behavior did not contaminate the kingdom and its orderliness, so God had to cast you from heaven, for always light repels darkness, holiness repudiates sin. Everything you touch, satan, brings chaos, darkness, and destruction in the universe. So the earth was without form and void, and darkness covered the face of the deep.

Why would you forsake all the glory you had for darkness and death? Why did you insist on serving your own purposes instead of God's? How foolish you are, satan! How ridiculous to think that a created being, and certainly that is what you are, could approach your Creator with such a foolish demand as to be equal with Him! You, who were created with wisdom and beauty, should have seen how illogical that reasoning is.

Pride blinds, doesn't it? All you could see was sitting on a throne in the sides of the north as high or higher than God Himself. More than anything you wanted to be worshiped by lesser immortals, robbing God of His Glory and Preeminence.

Earth's very heart became the prison into which God cast you and your minions, separated from Him forever by darkness that is more than simply absence of light. It and you are the source of evil and wantonness; no good or light or life can ever originate there. And, because you rejected the light and glory you enjoyed at your creation, you destroyed forever your ability to renounce your ways or to be redeemed.

How jealous you must have been when God came in His visible presence to walk and talk each day with the pair in the Garden of the new Earth! As God delegated His authority over the earth to them, it must have made you seethe with rage. But as long as they obeyed the Creator, your own Creator, too, wicked one, the pair was absolutely untouchable. They were totally unknowing about evil, and their obedience protected them from finding out.

How you hated God! How you detested Him! To touch the apple of His eye and drive a knife into the heart of the Godhead was your consummate passion. You heard all the conversations between God and Adam, and those between Adam and Eve. When God conversed with both of them together He left some things unsaid but expected Adam to share his knowledge of God's design with his wife according to the marriage plan.

So you took advantage of those gaps in knowledge and caught Eve when Adam was unaware. Using half-truths and lies that maligned God and misrepresented His motives, your clever deception captivated Eve. Until that time her obedience was not from intentional choice, but from creation innocence. She had not yet chosen to obey God from love motivation. You took advantage of her naivete to ruse her...and she fell! Through her influence over Adam, because her spiritual 'death' was not yet visibly obvious, he also ate the forbidden fruit and then both saw their nakedness. Stripped of glory that had clothed them to that moment, they stood bare and afraid, their first impulse being to hide from the One who loved them.

You illicitly regained authority over the earth through their forfeiture. You may be smart, devil, but you are not omniscient. You didn't see all that was coming! Before God cast them from the garden lest they eternally seal their fate by eating from the Tree of Life, He put curses on each of the pair and on the ground. But He pronounced your eternal fate, as well. Not only would the serpent crawl on its belly, but God would send a redeemer who would crush your head...ad He did it! Jesus broke your power, regained the Second Adam's authority over the earth, and took back the keys of death and hell when He died and rose from the grave victorious!

So now, you and your kind lie in wait as predators, seeking opportunity to entrap and lead to their deaths foolish souls who also refuse to bow before God. When the seed of God's truth is sown in their hearing, you snatch away the kernels before they can take root and grow, thus damning souls to perdition.

How tortured you are, accuser of God's own! Lord of flies, you pollute all you touch with your fly specks of filth and evil to infect them with your foul wickedness. But your day is coming! Jesus is on the march, and soon you and your servile goons will be cast forever into the lake of fire.

You are a defeated enemy, satan! Jesus' death for Adam-kind and His resurrection from the grave empower those who own Him as their absolute Lord. Those who obey Him out of unreserved love and honor for their matchless One are clothed in His righteousness and stand victorious against you and your ilk!

This day we declare the Name of Jesus and proclaim Him our King of Kings and Lord of Lords! We celebrate Jehovah as Creator and Sustainer of the universe! We stand against you in the power of His Holy Spirit and shout, "Worthy is the Lamb forever and forever!" We stand against you, satan! We stand and we prevail!! We stand!

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Scripture taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE®
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