Submission and Obedience


"Behold, You desire truth in the innermost being, and in the hidden part You will make me know wisdom" Psalm 51:6.

After God baptized me in His Holy Spirit so that I AM immersed in Him, He began the process of cleansing me. My sins had been forgiven long before, and I was walking in obedience to Him. Yet, as He turned His spotlight onto my being, He exposed things of which I was unaware. When He showed them to me, I thought, "I knew that was so all the time, but still I didn't 'see' it." It is only against the holiness of God that our unrighteousness is exposed for what it is.

In the glaring light of His holiness and truth, He identified in me pride, arrogance, selfishness, self-centeredness, oh, so many things--competitiveness--As He put His finger on each one, I confessed and turned my back on it. That is called repentance. Then I asked for His forgiveness, because in most instances that sin had imposed itself on or hurt other people as I lived day by day. Next, I asked Him to cleanse me from it, and finally to heal and deliver me.

When He completed the process, I deliberately gave over that area of my life to the Holy Spirit to possess and occupy. I would never own it again. It took several months, perhaps, for Him to take me through the process of cleansing my CONSCIOUS self. He is a very patient God!

Then the Holy Spirit began to work on my SUBCONSCIOUS mind. There He identified more subtle sins and attitudes, prejudices for or against things that had directed my actions for a long time. I operated without realizing what things in my subconsciousness drove many of my biases and behaviors. At last, following the same steps as for my conscious sins, He cleansed my SUBCONSCIOUS completely.

He didn't stop there! The Holy Spirit went to my UNCONSCIOUS self. I could not see what lay there specifically and never did. It was indiscernible, except that every so often I would see a glimmer or flash of light attached to something buried there. That glimmer was contamination by the devil of an area of my heart that I consciously could not control or identify by name. Yet, it was there, hidden away perhaps since early childhood to betray me without warning when I least expected it.

Jesus called satan the lord of flies! Satan IS like a fly...nosy, pesky, needing to see and walk on everything to pollute it! One thing I recall doing when I was younger is washing windows and getting rid of all the fly specks deposited by fly 'visits.' Satan pollutes our nature in much the same way a fly dirties the environment. He infiltrates and contaminates even good things in our lives by depositing a spot of filth he can later weaponize against us or others without warning!

Over a period of weeks each time the Holy Spirit exposed a glimmer in my unconsciousness, I went through the same process of confession, cleansing, forgiveness, healing and deliverance. Then I turned that area over to possession by the Holy Spirit.

The day came when God completed His work. No more glimmers appeared. No more secret places where satan had planted a landmine in me years before that could explode and utterly betray me and God in an unanticipated moment. I was clean!

Then continued the process of transforming my character and personality into the image of Christ. That is an on-going change throughout my journey toward heaven. But, since the deep cleansing by the Holy Spirit, the peace of God reigns in my heart. The tug to go back to 'former' things is gone. I am free to dwell in His presence without interruption.

Ask God to expose your inner self for what it is. He will be faithful to let you see what is there. Return His faithfulness with your own faithfulness to renounce what He uncovers, so that you, too, may walk in freedom from all pollution sin has left in your most inner self. What freedom He will bring to you! Seek until you find it!!

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