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Spirit Warfare

Spirit Warfare?

In these Last Days when unleashed evil seeks to destroy God's foundations of morality and righteousness on this earth, God is the complete provision for His Body, the Church, to rise militantly and overcome the enemy. However, the battle is not against people or "against flesh and blood," as the Word says it. The battle must be fought according to spiritual battle strategies and laws, because it is waged against "rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places," or in other words, the devil and his demon forces.

Only the strong and glorious Holy Spirit can arm and lead us into battle, a battle that assures victory when it is fought equipped in all the armor of God. Yet, a soldier not thoroughly prepared and trained by the Holy Spirit is not assured of ultimate victory.

The content of this site intends to encourage believers during their training for warfare. It does not present theological treatises or in-depth studies of God's Word. But it will bring you closer to the heart of God, our commander-in-chief, to confirm to you that He is preparing you for conquest now and in the days ahead. We MUST be ready, for Jesus is coming SOON!

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  • Finally, you must be careful about what you read and to whom you listen. I have included a brief account about my own faith and life in the Holy Spirit so you can decide about this site according to His witness. Learn to discern Him in these Last Days. Listen to and heed His voice!
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