Submission and Obedience

Why Did Esther Become the Queen?

Esther was consistently obedient throughout her story. One of the mysteries in the book is, "Why did King Ahasuerus choose Esther above all the other virgins?"

That answer may be found in Psalm 45:10-15. Verse 10 calls for her obedience one more time, this time to show Esther how to win the king's favor:

"Forget your people and your father's house."

When Esther entered the harem under Hegai, she kept secret the fact that she was a Jewess, just as Mordecai had instructed her to do. To keep such a secret must have been very difficult for her to do, but she did it anyway.

When it was her turn to go to the king, she took with her only what Hegai said would appeal to the king. Perhaps other girls brought mementos of their family, birth nation, language, their cultural dress or their artifacts. Not Esther!

Recall that she had told no one her true roots and identity. When she entered the King's chamber that night she carried only what would please him. He did not care about her nationality nor the history and inheritance of the Jews. He would not care to hear about her adoption and kind uncle. He was selecting a new queen who cared only about him, his authority, and his rule.

"Then the king will desire your beauty" (verse 11).

Esther made King Ahasuerus curious about who and what she was in her deeper character. He was drawn to HER as she lavished attention on him. Nothing she brought offset his absorption with her person. The verse says further:

"Because he is your lord, bow down to him."

Could it be that there was so much underlying resentment toward Ahasuerus in the other girls' hearts that they brought their attitude with them into his chamber? When it was their turn to come to the king, were they too proud of their heritage to give themselves over completely to the heart of the king, a foreign conqueror?

Esther must have bowed. She must have been sincerely humble, a quality she has learned and practiced throughout her lifetime. Her entire composure and demeanor that night must have made her beautiful in the king's sight. She won his heart!

The king chose Esther, a Jewess, to rule over a realm of mixed nations...Gentiles.

Esther is the example for the Last Days remnant to follow:

1. We must 'forget' our people and our father's house.

This includes our physical family and its beliefs, blood ties, traditions, and so on.

It includes our religious or nonreligious affiliation and practices and relationships.

It includes our present practices and habits and actions.

2. We must bow down to God in absolute humility and submission.

Nothing at all may stay between our heart affection and God. John Baptist said, "He must increase, but I must decrease."

Obedience is the key to walking in all the fullness of God:

1. Abraham took the first steps from Mesopotamia toward Canaan in accord with what God had told him to do. He did not know where he was headed, what would happen to him along the way or after he arrived there, nor what that would mean for his future.

2. He did take along his father and nephew, but Terah died en route, and Lot defected from Abraham and went his own way to Sodom and Gomorrah. In those moves, Abraham finally did forget his people and his father's house as he went about establishing his own heritage according to what God told him to do.

3. God memorialized Abraham's actions in Genesis 26:5, where He says,

"Because that Abraham obeyed My voice, and kept My charge, My commandments, My statutes, and My laws(Torah)."

Does the hair on your neck stand on end when you read "My laws?" The will of man rises in defiance against law: the 'have to' implied here. But that isn't what 'law' means in this passage.

The Hebrew word translated 'law' is 'towrah,' which means the teaching, the guidance of God given from a loving heart to His people. To the Israelites, it meant the first five books of the Old Testament or the Pentateuch. In those five books are contained all we need to observe to know and follow God. In them God demonstrates His power and great love for His own people as He provides for their every need and fights every battle for them in exchange for their obedience and devotion to Him.

God never coerced the Jews to follow and love Him. It's impossible to demand real love from another person. True love comes only from the will, heart and affections, and is selflessly bestowed on that other person.

God longs for that kind of obedience from Last Days believers. He wants to strengthen and empower us to walk in supernatural strength and wisdom with discernment to meet the strong and many battles of the day. However, love must be cultivated and grow as it is practiced; it does not come in one fell swoop. You must practice and walk continuously in love to God NOW to be prepared for what lies ahead.

Paul was quick to admonish believers to 'grow in grace.' Growth does not happen overnight. We know that from watching children move from infancy to adulthood. It takes years for children to mature. So, keep cultivating your walk with God and follow His leading obediently. Every step you take, every battle you win deepens your love FOR God and cements your will into His! Keep moving upward!

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