Submission and Obedience


It's not all about you and me, folks! It's really not about us.

This generation believes we are entitled to all we need to make us happy or to put us in the driver's seat! Nowhere in the Bible do we read that God intends to give us what we want when we want it or that we can control God and leverage His blessings.

God has given us the undeserved privilege of coming to Him in prayer. So often our prayers center on requests we make of God: things we need, troubles we are enduring, problems in our families or with our friends for which we want solutions and relief. When we finish reciting those to Him and ask for His help, our prayer ends. We treat God like He is a banker, and when we've made our withdrawal, we're done with the transaction.

However, God doesn't have a chance to get in a word edge-wise. We don't wait to hear from His lips. His welfare is not our concern.

His welfare? God, who is God, has a welfare? Most certainly He does. And He wants us involved in His welfare borne from a heart of love for Him.

Do you realize that the whole of life and our involvement in it has to do with the warfare going on between God and His purposes, and the weaselly-working devil? Whether or not we want to admit it, we are born slaves of the devil as he tries to unseat God and His plan for this world...or we become servants of the Most High God as He seeks souls to win to His side of the fight and rescue them from the devil's destination for them: hell.

A slave or a servant. We are one or the other. It's that plain and simple. We like to think of ourselves as better than either one of those. Human nature seeks to be in control, not to be controlled. Oddly enough, we really do control which of the two we are. We can yield either to the wiles of satan as slaves or we can submit our free will to God and walk humbly as His servants.

The best weapon we believers have on God's behalf against satan is prayer. Real prayer is fought in the heavens. Real prayer is warfare. Real prayer is equipped with truth, salvation, righteousness, peace, the Word of God, and His Holy Spirit. Real prayer, yes, does seek help and provision from God's hand, but it's more than that. It fights spiritual battles in the heavenly realms unseen by the human eye. It is in perfect agreement with God about His purposes.

When we pray in the Spirit, we engage the enemies of God: devils, demons and their henchmen in the form of slaves on earth who are easily moved to hate, lie, steal, and murder at their worst. We side with God in defeating the plans of the devil against Him and His goodness on earth for the welfare and salvation of humankind.

Even in that praying there is a danger, however subtle: we somehow want to know what we're praying for so that our need to be gratified by what we've done is satisfied. Whether or not you believe praying in the Spirit means to pray in tongues is not the issue. We cannot be beholden to getting credit for what we've prayed for as God's hand moves in answer to those prayers.

God is in need of intercessors who pray according to His heart with groans that cannot be uttered or put into words. The agony of soul that prevails does not express words, because it is the Spirit of God within us Who prays and yearns over what is on God's heart---His desires, not our own.

When we truly pray in the Spirit, we do not know the depths of God's heart and cannot claim any of the answer as our own doing. The only knowledge we have about that praying is that we prayed in His Spirit according to His will about His ways that are not known by us. We intercede when we follow God's agony and urgency to pray. It is the unity of heart Jesus sought from His disciples when He prayed drops of blood in Gethsemane before going to the cross.

Do not pray to get credit for answers. Do not pray just to see results from your prayers. Pray from the depths of your spirit in oneness with His Spirit because it is what God wants to do. Leave the results entirely with Him. Then, and only then, will you do praying that counts for eternity, because God and God alone will receive all the glory and all the honor and all the praise!

It's all about Him, folks! It's all about Him!

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