Submission and Obedience

God Loves Feasts!

God loves feasts! In the Old Testament the first meal celebrated was the Passover, when God had the captive Jews kill a lamb and eat every bit of it, including the entrails. By so eating, they were made completely whole and free from disease for their departure from Egypt en route to the Promised Land. The Passover meal was set as a commemorative meal to be observed annually by Jews to the present day.

The book of Esther opens with King Ahasuerus throwing a lavish banquet for his royal aides and assistants to show off and celebrate the magnitude and luxury of his kingdom. I truly believe it is an allegorical view of what God did before the Creation, when He put on display for the angels all the wonders of heaven and that creation: magnificence at its best!

After King Ahasuerus chose Esther to be his queen, he proclaimed a day of celebration and feasting in her honor; and sent gifts of food to all his royal subjects. Esther herself hosted two banquets for the King and Haman that were meals of revelation.

The Passover meal at which Jesus established the memorial of Communion in His own honor was also a feast, a meal overshadowed by sadness and loss.

Jesus used a banquet to illustrate the wonderful celebration of salvation to which He invited people who refused to attend by offering various excuses (Luke 14:15-24). Finally, the host sent messengers to the byways to compel people to come and eat. He wanted to share his meal with those who were truly hungry!!

But God's ultimate banquet is yet to come. It will be His magnum opus, a gala to which the Godhead has looked forward since the beginning of time. It will celebrate the Bride of Christ composed of those believers who are true lovers and devoted worshippers of the Lamb. We cannot comprehend the depths (hell), height (heaven), length (patience in the face of suffering), and breadth (scope or outreach) of God's joy, for in His creating the universe and the earth, He put on display the essence of His being in all its facets!

He plunged to the extreme that was possible each facet of His nature in order to show that He is GOD and that there are created beings who love Him absolutely, but without coercion. Yes, we shall celebrate all that He is and demonstrated Himself to be to make us His bride when we sup with Him at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!

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