Submission and Obedience


Is God speaking or am I not hearing? Must I ask God to speak to me or am I not tuned to hear His voice already leading me in His will and purpose?

God's will flows and never stops. His purposes have moved across hearts and societies since time began. I am the one who has not been aware of His voice, or, in times past, ignored or questioned if it were He talking at all.

So often I have asked God to tell me things and to guide me in His will. He has been faithful and has done that. But, in considering who God is, need I seek His guidance as much as that I lay my heart and mind before Him to listen and recognize His voice ALREADY speaking to ears that don't recognize and heed His voice?

Voice recognition! Have I learned by spending much time with Him to catch his sweet whispers spoken in the inner recesses of my heart? Do I hear him above the din of other sounds clamoring to gain and keep my attention? Have His thoughts become my thoughts, so we are one?

Do I second-guess Him when He says something that to me means obedience is risky according to the standards of the world? Do I hesitate and question His voice because He asks something I've never done before or that friends will call strange or crazy?

Am I protective of the opinion of others and my reputation if I obey? Do I let fear overcome faith? Or am I willing to obey Him regardless of what He directs me to say or do? Will I flow in the Spirit with Him to further His purposes?

God seeks ears that hear and listen, and hearts that obey completely and immediately. Yes, Lord, my ears will listen, my ears will hear, and my heart will obey according to Your Spirit!

Thank you for the grace and mercy you extend to me through Jesus to be able to walk in oneness with You! For Your sake, perfect that oneness moment by moment. To You be the praise!

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Scripture taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE ®
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