Submission and Obedience


A friend kindly persuaded me to try baking a tube of frozen cinnamon rolls. They could be a quick breakfast treat or a late evening snack before bedtime. Fast and easy! I agreed.

Following the directions on the package, I popped the rolls into the oven. When they were a golden brown, I drizzled the cream cheese glaze over their faces and sat down to savor a roll. The first bite was a shock!

All I expected in a cinnamon roll they were not! The texture of the dough was too smooth and without body. The flavor spoke of preservatives or another ingredient that is not akin to homemade rolls. I was very disappointed, to say the least!

You see, I still vividly remember the cinnamon rolls my mother made from scratch. She stretched a huge glob of her special, rich sweet dough into a smooth rectangle. On its surface she generously smeared real butter over which she sprinkled a thick layer of cinnamon and sugar. Then she rolled the dough into a log with the cinnamon mix in the center like a pinwheel.

Next, she buttered the bottom of a long pan and over it spread brown sugar and nuts. As she sliced the log, she laid the rolls face up on the brown sugar until she had nestled all the slices next to each other.

Once out of the oven golden brown, she trickled a powdered sugar glaze over all of them and they were ready to enjoy! Oh, my! Nothing to this day tastes quite as good as Mother's cinnamon rolls. That's why when I ate the commercial one, I was thoroughly dismayed. I have eaten the real thing, and counterfeits just can't compare at all.

The same truth applies to things of God. He says of Himself, "O taste and see that the Lord is good!" Psalm 34:8.

Once you've had a real encounter with the living God and have experienced HIM, you want nothing less. He Himself is the difference between the actual and a counterfeit. Religion in any form at all is just that: a counterfeit. It may sound the same, appear to be the same, but the taste is so wrong!

Religion has no substance, no reality, no credibility. People may settle for it because it's convenient, demands little from them, and saves lots of time.

It's true. To form a relationship with God takes time, but don't all true lovers want to spend every waking minute with each other? God is worthy of our every minute, too! He is worthy of our attention and devotion. And the result is a living relationship that makes others hungry for Him, too.

You may settle for the convenience of cinnamon rolls in a tube, but never be content with religion. Seek out a real, vital, on-going relationship with God Himself. "O taste and see that the Lord IS GOOD!" He really is!

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