Submission and Obedience


I just watched a short video about a blind horse and his mistress. The trust between them is incredible! He listens to and feels her sensitivity to what is coming. She loves him dearly and lets him feel his way under her voice and hand until the challenge ahead of them is familiar. Their relationship is so closely knit that as a team they have won world titles at horse performance events.

As I viewed them working together as a team, the thought struck me with clarity: That's how I need to trust God, as well. I cannot see what lies ahead. I don't know the pathway or the pitfalls along its edges, but God does. He is my eyes and director. I move when He says 'go.' Jesus called Himself, "the Way." He is the narrow way I must follow. He admonishes me in Proverbs:

"Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and do not lean on your own understanding..."

Today I saw that play out between a horsewoman and her steed. He does the moving the jumping, the running, but it is she who directs him every step of the way. When the way is familiar to him, the horse moves without as much guidance and she trusts him to do so.

When the territory is fresh, however, the horse relies on her directions to press forward. Their success depends on their working together seamlessly. That's the relationship I want to walk in always, the harmony between me and the Holy Spirit. I trust Him to guide me and I walk where He says to walk. As well, I stop heading in a certain direction when I hear Him caution me to go another way.

All the while I depend on His strength and purpose to carry out His directions. He is the One who has outlined where we shall compete next. We are prepared for battle. That's what life is all about when I serve Jesus. I don't prescribe where I shall go, but I do know I'm running a race and that as I depend on Him, I shall be a winner! He will greet me with "Well done, good and faithful servant!" That is all I want to hear!

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