Submission and Obedience


Friendly fields surrounded my childhood home. Meadowlarks nested in the security of the tall grasses that waved gently in the breezes above their heads. Field mice scurried on the meadow floor, weaving dead grass fronds into cozy nests lined with delicate fur for their babies' 'cribs.' These were some of the delightful treasures that waited to be discovered among the grasses!

Most wondrous of all were the patches of green basking in summer's sunshine: wild strawberries! By the third week in June, we knew we could fill a pail or large pan with small, sweet, bright red strawberries hiding beneath their dark green leaves. Carefully we freed each berry from its top-knot without disturbing the entire stalk of yet unripe berries. They would welcome our picking another day.

Our container full, we carried it home where Mother transformed the berries into jam, topping for ice cream, or simply a sumptuous treat sprinkled with sugar and smothered in cream. Absolutely, a true extravagance!

As the fields gave way to homesites, the berries disappeared with them and became mere memories of the past. Grocery store produce departments still boast carton after carton of cultivated strawberries, some the size of golf balls! Probably it would take six to eight wild strawberries to make one domestic fruit, but there is no comparison between the two. Domestic berries might be larger, but the delectableness of the real is missing. To fill a container with wild strawberries took lots longer, but their unique flavor made the time spent worth every picking minute!

God says in His Word, "For who has shown contempt for the day of small things?" Zechariah 4:10. Obviously, God finds favor with small things, whether it's a tiny church, soul-winning one person at a time, a new mission work, or an obscure task for God, whatever it is.

As technology explodes, the culture has become used to the quick, large, streamlined, convenient, showy, the extreme. It's a part of life. Often, in that context, small or insignificant efforts made for God appear valueless or inferior. Yet, it isn't the size, but the core flavor that counts.

If God is in a thing, however small, it matters much. When an onlooker puts his finger into the mix and tastes the result, the sublimity of the Holy Spirit lingers on his tongue and he hungers for more.

When He is lacking, substitutes might be introduced to cover His absence. Flashing lights, smoke, a seven-piece band, vaulted ceilings or spacious pews mean little to a hungry heart if the sweet palate of the Holy Spirit is missing. They might satisfy the appetite of some. But genuine seekers will move on, constantly looking for the unmistakeable flavor that feeds their spiritual craving.

Don't settle for what appears real. Don't let size fool you. Bigger isn't always better! TASTE---and see that the Lord is GOOD! Keep looking until you find Him! He's waiting for you THERE!

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Scripture taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE ®
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