Submission and Obedience

All the Attributes of God

When God revealed His glory and majesty to the angels in heaven, they were privileged to see His face and partake of the abundance of His riches. They saw all the glories of heaven and the light that surrounded God so bright mortal man has yet to see it. But, in spite of that knowledge and experience in the supernatural realm, satan still chose to rise up in pride to try to position himself on a throne as high or higher than God's and to have angels bow down to him. Actually, a third of them did bow when they followed satan's fall from God's pleasure and presence.

But the angels were allowed to see only the power and majesty of God. They could not and did not see the infinitesimal other attributes of the nature of God because He had not displayed them...yet. They did not see pain there...no tears or sorrow...no patience or long suffering. There was no place in heaven for them. Bt they were God's very essence unexpressed...so He created TIME.

Just as Mozart, when a child, had symphonies and etudes locked within himself crying to be expressed, so God, even the Godhead, had all the attributes of Love, Mercy, Joy, Compassion, Righteousness, Justice, Grace, Longsuffering and so many more that are named in His word yearning to be expressed. Mozart sat down at the keyboard and composed his masterpieces of melody; God communed within the Godhead and designed the Creation! His masterpiece!

He made from nothing everything that we know as the universe. He composed the Earth with its oceans, heavens, plant and animal life. His final act of creation was to form man with the ability to love and appreciate all the attributes of God---if he chose to, because God also gave man the possibility of choice. Man could will either to love God or turn his back on Him.

There were things the angels in heaven had never seen. They had no idea what mercy looked like, or compassion...or grace. They didn't know what faith was nor what longsuffering did. You see God is all those and so much more in His very essence, but He had no way to display them in Eternity. So, He created Time, the universe and, more specifically, the earth and humankind.

In fact, the whole plan of redemption was formed so that God could express Himself in all His fullness, and man could know and experience those attributes to their fullest degree. The angels could witness, but not experience them. Only man could and would. And the knowing of God in those ways would generate the relationship of holy love between God and man on an individual basis such as the angels could not engender. So special was this plan.

I used to think, "Why did God create people if He knew that many or most of them would spend eternity suffering in hell?" I was, in fact, accusing God of being unjust or cruel in the worst way. But that is because then I was hearing thoughts that originated from the enemy so I would reject God's overtures to me...yet, He drew me to Himself and slowly, as my mind was renewed into His image, He showed me the real side of His redemptive plan. It is the ultimate in ecstasy and joy for those who embrace Him, and the ultimate in loss and suffering for those who rise up and reject Him. It is the most fair and just design imaginable.

Not based on vision and the seeing of the supernatural, God's plan is based solely on FAITH. Jesus said, "Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." Thomas had to thrust his hands into the risen Jesus' side and the wrists and feet where spikes of the angry Romans were driven into His flesh; then he believed. He saw, he touched. But what of all believers throughout history who have embraced the Savior without ever seeing or touching Him?

Abraham is the father of faith. God's word extols him because he believed God and braved a wilderness journey to what became the Promised Land to him and his progeny. God said Abraham would father a son in his old age by a wife who was well past childbearing years. God said He would bring the offspring as numerous as the sands of the shore into the Promised Land---when Abraham still had no child. But Abraham took God's word as already in the bank and acted on it. His faith serves as a model today for what it is to live and walk by faith.

We take God at His word and proceed without seeing the end result or even where we're going. We are completely in God's hands for the journey. "I am the Way..." Jesus said. The ONLY way we can find and know God is through Jesus, for He is the 'route' to follow. Follow Him according to His Truth and live the Life of faith. That is living 'otherworldly' and for heaven. And one day our faith will be sight, and God shall have completed His plan forever.

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