Submission and Obedience

The Lamb of God

For 400 years the Israelites served as slaves in Egypt. Their work amounted to hard labor as they built edifices that served the Egyptians' idol worship.

When God sent Moses to lead His people out of slavery and bondage, He instructed them to choose a lamb from their flock that was perfect. It could have no injury or blemish in its coat or body. They were to bring the lamb into their home and treat it gently, almost making it a pet while they observed to be sure it was perfect in every way.

Then, on the night of the Passover when they would finally leave Egypt for good, they took the lamb and killed it, being very careful to catch the blood as it ran from the animal's throat. They smeared that blood on the lintel over the door to their home and at either side on the door posts.

That night they roasted the entire lamb and ate all of it: the flesh and the organs with the innards. What they could not consume because they had too much to eat they burned in the fire. Nothing was to be left to decay or be treated as garbage.

Psalm 105:37 sums it up: "Then He brought them out with silver and gold, and among His tribes there was not one who stumbles." That means they were not weak or without strength; that means young and old alike walked in good health. Eating the entire lamb brought healing to their bodies, souls and spirits.

That night the lamb accomplished two things for each Israelites:
--its blood protected their home and the oldest child from the hand of the death angel.
--its flesh healed them of their diseases.

Before He went to the cross, Jesus shared the Passover with his disciples. During the meal, He took the unleavened bread, broke it into pieces and said "This is My body, which is for you; do this in remembrance of Me."

Again, when He took the cup, He said, "This cup is the new covenant in My blood; do this as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me."

Later, Paul expressed his heart's desire in Philippians when he wrote, "That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made conformable to His death."

As He taught His disciples before He died, Jesus emphasized our need to take up our cross and follow Him---even before His disciples watched His crucifixion, they knew they would need to die, too.

These examples are but a few that make the death of the Lamb relevant for us today: when we see that Lamb die for us, not only does His blood spare us from eternal damnation. It also gives us complete, new life when we eat all of it--of Him--His body, His blood.

Salvation that is little more than hanging a slogan around our neck and calling ourself a Christian is not true salvation. To suggest to unbelievers that if they simply repeat a little prayer after the pastor or soul winner, they are saved with all the privileges accorded a believer is a huge lie with eternal consequences!

How misleading and what a disservice to a sincere seeker after the truth and salvation! To eat the whole lamb means that where a sinner was ill and deformed, now that same person is made totally whole and new! Their walk is changed, their language and topics of conversation are different, their priorities are turned around! The Israelites of old knew they were healed after eating the lamb because they experienced the difference. They walked miles and miles in the wilderness without mishap. A person who is truly born again knows he or she is saved by the transformation in their life and desires---and ability to shun sin.

Therefore, don't think you're doing someone a favor by dumbing down the way of salvation or making it a cakewalk. Serve up the whole lamb and expect them to eat their fill and be changed!...on their way to heaven with a life to live for Christ as long as they continue to walk earth's sod.

When Jesus died on the cross, He did not depend on His 'god-ness' for strength. He hung there a sinless, Spirit-filled, perfect human being guilty of nothing. As He hung there, He suffered the physical pain of the beatings and lashes, emotional taunting from the Jewish religious leaders and crowd, and abandonment by His disciples plus the final crown of thorns and spikes driven into His wrists and ankles but the Roman soldiers. Yes, He suffered horribly.

Jesus came in human form, the Perfect Second Adam, to be God's lamb that takes away the sin of the world. He was a perfect lamb, acceptable to God for the atonement of the whole human race Eat the whole Lamb!

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