Submission and Obedience


Have you ever noticed? When a storm is approaching or the wind simply is blowing, birds perch on branches, telephone wires or rooftops so they face into the wind. If the wind is coming from the north, the birds face north. If a western gale is erupting, the birds turn to face west.

Birds' sleek forms are shaped like bullets the wind can glide right over when they look into the storm. But, it they turn tail, the wind hits their rumps and the tips of their feathers, making them a ruffled mess!

The only time a bird wants its feathers rumpled is when it is preening itself. Then the bird intentionally stirs up its feathers so the 'dead' ones can be plucked from the rest and discarded. Then it oils the remaining feathers from the gland near the tail's base. Oiled feathers mean water-proofness. The bird is armed in two ways: It has perfect composure when its bullet-shapedness faces into the wind and it takes on the storm. And, its feathers oiled to shed rain or snow preserve its body heat and keep it lively!

At all times the bird is in self-control. The storm has no such hold on it.

God uses elements of nature like the bird to teach us how we ought to live as His believers. When we're hit by a storm of life called spiritual warfare and the enemy comes in like a flood, we must face the storm, not run from it. As we fight the good fight of faith and do not back down to the enemy, our feathers--our armor listed in Ephesians 6--does not become dismantled. We are sleekly armed for battle.

Likewise, we must be so filled with the Holy Spirit that His oil runs down the sides of our cup. That oil deflects the enemy's darts of doubt, false accusation, intimidation and unbelief that the devil uses to try to unnerve us and make us flee the battle.

At no time does a good soldier of Jesus Christ turn tail and run. Exposing our back to the enemy only messes us up with confusion, unbelief and fear. Then the devil has us where he wants us!

Determine always to face into the battle. Never back down. Take your stand and mean it. Make sure the wind is in your face. Be sure you have a good supply of Oil. That being true, the victory is yours!

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Scripture taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE®
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