Submission and Obedience

Fulfilling His Purpose

Six or seven large black birds were grouped on the shoulder of the rural road bordered by many trees, feeding on some sort of road kill as I drove past them. Their small heads were bare of feathers and way out of proportion to their much larger bodies: turkey vultures are ugly and gruesome! They come to their feasts of putrefying flesh wearing black shrouds.

As thoughts like those raced through my head, God's Spirit clearly said: "They're fulfilling My purpose for them." Whoa! God set me back a pace! With that startling revelation, those vultures suddenly became holy and beautiful!

God created vultures to keep the environment clean and free from spoiling, rotten meat that would soon host fly maggots or worse. Soon those birds would have the carcass stripped to the bones and leave the scene a more sanitary place than they had found it.

The birds were aware only of the meat before them. They did not realize they were fulfilling God's purpose. They simply enjoyed their meal, however sickening it might be to those of a weaker stomach.

God uses the process of fulfilling His design for vultures to provide for their own welfare. He intends that they survive on fallen carcasses. That was and is their diet. In their doing what God intends for them to do, their own survival is assured.

Every person ever born or to be born in this world has a purpose to fulfill that only God knows, but into which He will lead them if He is permitted to do so. And that route is also the road of provision for each individual. He knows the various occupations of life, the relationships in families and communities and nations. Ideally, if each person performed their prescribed purpose, the world would be perfect.

Unfortunately, because God gave us a free will and satan is permitted to play with that will via the mind, most people (according to God's word) miss fulfilling God's purpose for them because of sin and their unwillingness to become subject to God's lordship. Instead they choose their own way and follow the broad road that leads to hell and eternal destruction.

Vultures are not showy birds and they're dressed in black, just like the death that feeds them. But to God they are beautiful, because every day they fulfill His purpose for them without any question. To the world God's own are not beautiful, either. They don't 'fit in' and they live contrary to the flow. But their walk of obedience and holiness is the route of His provision and care.

We are called to be pilgrims and strangers here, but one day we shall be known, even as He is known! We shall soar, not as vultures, but eagles!

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Scripture taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE®
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