Submission and Obedience

Governed by the Spirit of God

"Governed by the Spirit of God." What a sublime phrase! What a beautiful meaning for the Greek word "pneumatikos" defined by Vine's Lexicon and translated "spirit-ual" in Colossians 1:9-10, where Paul wrote:

"...that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that you will walk in a manner worthy of the LORD, to please Him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God."

No one has exclusive rights to his own will. Either he holds to his 'right' and unknowingly or knowingly wills to serve the desires of the devil, or he submits his will to God and intentionally wills to do the will of God. That privilege is given only to those who bow before the King of Kings in repentance for sins committed to receive the only One given for the many, Jesus Christ, and be governed by Him.

One grave calamity for rejecting the Atonement made by Jesus Christ for our sins was Aleister Crowley. Born in England toward the end of the 19th century, he was the product of a Christian family and education. Crowley was not ignorant of God's plan of redemption. Instead, he chose to pursue a decadent life of willfulness and immorality that opened the door to the occult. The deeper he went, the more awful became his depravity until he fathered his own school of thought founded on satan and all practices of evil.

Diabolically, Crowley drained the Blood from thelema, the New Testament Greek word for 'will', God's will, also seen in the verse quoted above. He pumped the embalming fluid of eternal death, separation from God in hell forever, into its veins. Like fools, men, women and gullible youth imbibe that darkness in their search for 'meaning,' and promiscuously plunge their souls and spirits into a bottomless abyss of evil and spiritual death.

Even though Adam and Eve lived and breathed long after their disobedience in the Garden, unseen death of spirit and separation from God had entered their hearts and souls and those of their progeny even to this moment! So subtle is spiritual death, and it is so final!

Hitler slew millions with bullets, bombs and gas. Crowley has slain millions, perhaps billions, with his abominable deviant philosophy of "do what thou wilt", THELEMA. His propagation of evil darkness kills followers with a spiritual death of deaths far more dreadful than what Auschwitz ever could. It is yet more deadly because its adherents walk and talk, although they are spiritual zombies who reject the Light of truth until they enter eternal damnation where it is too late to turn back!

The darkness Crowley belched from hell into his writings and his practices spilled onto the 20th century, wreaking havoc wherever it crept, blinding eyes, deafening open ears, and inflicting moral madness in its wake. This disciple of demons ultimately influenced the removal of the Bible and prayer from our public schools, enabled the prophets of Baal to legalize abortion and the murder of millions of unborn babies, and authorized and normalized all forms of deviant sexual perversion and pleasure.

Such is the inheritance of the 21st century! And the vomit gushes forth, declaring evil good and good evil...railing against the souls of human beings as though they are mere animals, toys for destruction by all means possible. The decimation of marriage through legalization of gay matrimony, pollution of children's minds by sanctioning the inculcation of transgenderism in schools, and strangulation of the Judeo-Christian ethic in our society using the garrote of 'hate speech' against the throats of its faithful continue to suck the life blood from American culture and the nation once in covenant with God for His will to be done on her shores.

Though it appears Crowley and his ilk are winning the cultural and spiritual battle for souls, God is still on the throne! To be governed by the Spirit of God is still the privilege of the willing and seeking, those who desire God above all else. They long to do the will, the THELEMA, of God and to delight in His purposes for this world. His kingdom is unseen, because it is spiritual; the heart and desire of men's yearning is for the One, because it is He who created them and the One in whom they have Life eternal, making them subjects of His everlasting kingdom.

While the Crowleys of the earth appear to flourish for a season, their ultimate end is the way of death and eternal destruction. It is when darkness prevails that the light of a candle burns brightest...and darkness CANNOT swallow up Light! Light abolishes darkness. So,

"let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven!"

Let the THELEMA of God be fully done in your life for His glory! Be governed by the Spirit of God!

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