Submission and Obedience

Ordered Steps

What differences sometimes exist between meanings of a single word! Take, for instance, the word "order." At once it brings to mind purchasing merchandise on a website or through a telephone customer service.

Or, we might envision a military officer commanding troops in a specific maneuver or battle. He gives them "orders."

Yet again, the word "order" makes one think of organizing an array of things so that they are neat and in a logical sequence like files or a clothes closet.

Moreover, if you use some sort of calendar or day planner at work so you can remember appointments, projects and meetings, the order and organization it brings to your day and week are invaluable.

Order. What does the word say, perhaps, not to our physical world but to our emotions? It may make us bristle, because it sounds like one person controlling another by using a command or force---and we don't like domination if we're the one being dominated!

The Bible says, "The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delights in his way" (Psalm 37:23).

God does not arbitrarily command or demand that we take certain steps. He wants His holiness to be revered and our best good to be done in all we are and do. So, His Holy Spirit and His word lay out footsteps we ought to follow to remain in fellowship with Him and to keep us on the road with Him towrd heaven.

Often, His directed steps fall contrary to what we love or feel comfortable doing. We want to do 'A' but God leads us to do 'B.' We wrestle a tug-of-war within our nature: to whom will we say "yes"--God or our self? We resist what God says because our stubborn human will interprets what God says as an ORDER! A DEMAND!

That is not what this verse describes, however. It says that when we walk in sync with God, He orders or organizes our steps in such a way that we delight in how and where God takes us! There's no hint here of internal conflict or resistance.

That's because the man described in the verse is 'good.' Obviously, he's 'good' because he is walking in harmony with God and loves how God directs his footsteps. Are you 'good?' Are you in such oneness with God that He can and may guide your way with such perfectness that you delight in all His moves?

God does not force Himself on anyone. But He does describe the person whom He guides and directs as being GOOD. No inner resistance blocks His will and purpose being done in and through that individual. So, do you feel resistance when the Holy Spirit shows you something to do or not say? Do you go about your business without consulting God and seek His help only when you blow it?

We become GOOD when we die to our self and our desires, wishes, plans and possessions. Only then are we non-resistant and fully open to what God has in store for us. The correct sequence. The right pace. The best outcome.

What a blessed state that is: To have our steps ORDERED by the Lord!

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