Submission and Obedience


Pity the person who lives in the city! Certainly, those who opt for city living love its honking cars and taxis, the ungiving cement sidewalks and curbs, asphalt streets and the huge diesel buses weaving in and out of traffic. Sky-scrapers faced with unending stories of glass, high-rise apartments, subterranean subways, gourmet restaurants and shoulder-to-shoulder stores full of designer goods in crowded retail districts keep them awed.

But, consider this: There's little to nothing in a city that isn't man-made! Cities herald what man can design and build. They define minutes instead of hours as shoppers and employees hurry from place to place, efficient in their use of time and business conduct. Yet, nothing in a typical city speaks of God's handiwork or draws a heart to Him. Where is He in all the mix?

It becomes easy to forget God and instead worship and adore the works of mens' hands when surrounded by obvious prosperity! A city boasts so much human achievement and engineering within its confines that one who lives there need never seek beyond it. Rather, a city dweller is captivated by all the things to do and love within its borders!

Remarkably, civilization has become 'citified' by communication systems and social media that have revolutionized our world view. While that may sound preposterous, think about this: No television studio, actors' guild or TV sit-com emanates from a farm pasture somewhere. It takes a city to produce what goes out over the air waves.

There was a day when 'city slickers' were a different cut from rural 'hayseeds.' But, no more. Television and the available array of electronics are priced so that nearly anyone can access them. They have leveled the playing field so that their adherents are unified by a single thought stream and perception of how to interpret what happens on the globe.

Viewers around the world have adopted styles of dress that resemble each other, regardless of which continent they call home. Their speech, tastes, and behavior are seeded by the Godless cities of the world. Perhaps it's time to call our world a tower of Babel. God's original language of beauty, truth, righteousness, holiness and goodness has been usurped by world-speak. Those who talk it disdain ones who remain true to the original dialect of God.

Little do 'city slickers' know that God plants wild roses along wooded paths, roses that waft their sweet perfume into the atmosphere whether or not anyone comes by to inhale their winsome fragrance. Roses simply do what God appoints them to be. On their part there is no doubt or reticence about why they are on earth. They simply smile at God and reflect His glory. 'City slickers' have never watched a bee pollinate a flower, seen a robin search for worms or caught a glimpse of a hawk circling the sky. They have not learned to appreciate what the hand of God creates, so rapt are they with the renown of their own fabrications.

Cities of history past, no matter how magnificent at the peak of their glory, now lie in ruins. Archeologists search their remains for traces of the now-dead civilization. The hunt is made more difficult because eons of time have watched God plant a garden of overgrowth where once a city jungle grew.

City sophistication is simply a false, perishable way of life that ends in destruction. It is idolatry, idolatry God absolutely forbade long ago during the wilderness wanderings of Israel on her way to the Promised Land.

Men who believe they are invincible and all-wise crash and crumble, and the works of their hands meet destruction. The idols of metal and stone they once worshipped become chards and dust.

But God still plants gardens. He marches on, demonstrating to the world that He is the immutable God and will be forever. Even at the entrance to eternity, He has planted the Tree of Life that will never fade.

Cities perish. Men and their heady ways perish. For what good will it do a person if he gains the whole world, but forfeits his soul? Or what will a person give in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:26.

Pity the person who lives in the city!!

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Scripture taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE®
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